Aerik Sylvan

My weblog used to be here, but I made it a family weblog at

Here's my resume which includes a link to contact me.

Currently, other than the work-stuff on my resume, I spend my time surfing, hanging out with my wife and kids, and as Cubmaster for Santa Clara Cub Pack 318 and helping out with San Jose Boy Scout Troop 266. I only became addicted to surfing in my mid 30's and just this last year went backpacking (though I've spent plenty of time in the outdoors before both those things).

I program in a number of different languages, and tinker a little with Linux. In the last year I've started working on a few Android apps (mostly things to allow my children to more safely use tablets and phones that are connected to the internet) but I don't have anything in the Playstore yet.

I've also just recently stated working on a web based animation app - it's still rough, but you can see it evolving here: a rough draft animation app

Some projects...

Important info about jury duty (READ THIS)

a free,open, general directory in a wiki.

For pictures of my beautiful children and other nice things about my family go to

I had some really old links here, but they were *embarassingly* old, so I deleted them. Sometiem soon(ish) I'll put newer links as a pseudo portfolio here.

This domain is *NOT* for sale unless you're offering an obscene amount of money.

However, if you are a fellow AERIK I would be glad you link to you here.